Grow Existing Customers
Using Data Science

Retain Expand Up-Sell Cross-Sell Renew Refresh

Transform Installed Base Management

From Art To Science


potential at
existing customers based
on installed products


sales and partner
action with
existing customers


with access
to complete
customer data

Use Data Science To Improve

Revenue Growth
Revenue Visibility
Sales and Partner Productivity
Customer Experience

Yields Matter

3%-10% Higher Customer Yields = $3M-$20M Higher Operating Income

Discover How Growing Customer Yields Increases Your Operating Income

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Installed Base Intelligence

Data Science For Existing Customers


Product Recommendations
Predict future purchases
by existing customers


Sales-Partner Actions
Drive right action
at right time with right people


Lifecycle View
Optimize productivity
of sales and partners

Discover How Installed Base Intelligence Can Help You Grow Existing Customers

Our Products

Installed Base Consulting

Assess installed base data
Value installed base potential
Define installed base playbooks
Design installed base programs

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Installed Base Application

Activate Installed Base Intelligence
Operationalize installed base playbooks
Manage installed base data
Extend CRM with Salesforce Native application

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Installed Base Management
From Art to Science

Using Our Installed Base Consulting Services

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High Tech Vendors and Partners