Grow Revenue From Existing Customers

Maximize Customer Lifetime Value
Increase Sales and Channel Productivity

3 Capabilities to Grow Revenue
in a Single Application

Customer Predictive Analytics

Plan roadmap to maximum
Customer Lifetime Value

Timely and Actionable Information

Take action with the right data
at the right time to the right people

Workflow-Enabled Execution Playbook

Synchronize execution across
sales, channels and customers

Introducing RevenueManager

The World’s First Application for Integrated Account and Channel Management

100% Salesforce Native

How Do You Manage Your Existing Customers?

How do you predict the
lifetime revenue potential
of your existing customers?

How do you make available
the information needed
to pursue that revenue?

How do you drive
sales, channels and customers
to realize that revenue?

When your customer and channel data is scattered across many applications,
you cannot access the information you need, when you need it,
to grow revenue from existing customers.

When you manage existing customers with spreadsheets and presentations,
you are missing the insights to improve sales and channel productivity and
optimize resource allocation.

We believe there is a better way

Yields Matter

Transform How You Manage Existing Customers with Yield Metrics

How do Customer Yields impact Operating Income?

View Results of Our Research

Discover the Full Potential of Your Existing Customers

Start with a Customer Lifecycle Review

Quantify Customer Lifetime Revenue
Evaluate Customer and Channel Data Visibility
Examine Sales and Channel Productivity Drivers

Helping OEMs and Resellers
Grow Revenue
From Existing Customers