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Industry Verticals

High tech: networking, security, storage, computing
Manufacturing: industrial machinery, capital equipment

Sales Model

Enterprise end user customers (B2B)
Direct and indirect multi-tier sales channels

3 Data-Driven Capabilities to Grow Revenue

Customer Predictive Analytics

Quantifying account potential involves the analysis of many data points including installed products, usage patterns, renewal/refresh timing, product roadmaps and share of wallet.

Today, account teams and partners manually piece together the revenue potential for existing customers.

With Customer Predictive Analytics, customer data points are analyzed to identify potential sales opportunities and expected conversion rates.

Timely and Actionable Visibility

Doing business with existing customers and channel partners involves large amounts of data fragmented across different applications, spreadsheets and notes.

Today, account teams and partners do not have easy access to all the information they need to take effective action.

With Timely and Actionable Visibility, account teams and partners can take the right action at the right time.

Workflow-Enabled Playbook

Driving revenue from existing customers involves coordinating activities between end user customers, sales account teams and partners across the customer lifecycle.

Today, account teams and partners are left to their own devices to organize their efforts to drive new revenue.

With a Workflow-Enabled Playbook, account teams and partners can easily collaborate across the customer lifecycle.

Right Data Right Time Right People

Account Teams

Complete customer and partner view
Up/cross-sell opportunity insights
Customer and partner collaboration


Customer lifecycle predictive model
Sales and partner resource allocation
Sales and partner execution monitor

Discover a better way to manage the data about
your existing customers and partners

A data-driven approach
to grow revenue from existing customers

Account Scenario: Expansion, Add-on and Renewal


High tech OEM provides networking and security solutions for remote offices
End user customer is a large insurance company
Customer has 5,000 branch locations - product’s scaling factor
Pilot successfully deployed in 100 locations
Purchase Order received for initial rollout of 1,000 locations
Successful “hunter” salesperson promoted to replicate success
New “farmer” salesperson assigned to account
Account plans stored in spreadsheets, slides and salesperson's memory
Account transfer executed over lunch

Typical Outcome

New salesperson has slow ramp to full productivity
Missed revenue opportunities during account transfer
Customer frustrated by loss of continuity and having to “train the new person”


Powered by Customer Predictive Analytics, Timely and Actionable Visibility and Workflow-Enabled Playbook

New salesperson has fast ramp to full productivity
Revenue opportunities are captured through a data-driven account transfer
Customer is well supported with a seamless transition

Customer Predictive
Customer Predictive Analytics

Projected expansion plan to capture full account potential
Recommended add-on products based on usage patterns
Suggested performance upgrades based on product utilization
Potential new product categories based on account characteristics

Timely and Actionable
Timely and Actionable Information

Number of units shipped/installed on open order - alert when new order is required
Amount of product capacity consumed - alert when overages require additional capacity
Schedule of service/subscription renewal dates - alert for approaching dates
List of relevant contacts at customer for each installed product
List of relevant contacts at partner(s) for each customer location/product

Customer Predictive Analytics

Collaborative lifecycle management from account plan to opportunity conversion
Closed-loop coordination on joint opportunities with partners
Complete visibility across opportunities, point-of-sale, orders and installed base
Identification and tracking of business issues with customer and partners

Extend Your Salesforce CRM

Manage Customer and Partner Data Across The Entire Lifecycle


Unlock value of customer data to grow revenue
Gain complete view of customer relationship
Synchronize partner activities with customer strategy


Converge applications, data warehouses, portals and EDI
Simplify operations with fewer platforms and integrations
Leverage existing application administration resources

Increase the Value of Your Existing CRM Investment

Discover the Full Potential of Your Existing Customers

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Examine Customer Lifecycle Data
Predict Account Revenue Potential
Quantify Customer Yield ROI

A Better Way to Manage
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