Designed for Vendors and Partners

Selling Devices, Software and Services

Industry Verticals

High Tech: networking, security, storage, computing
Manufacturing: connected devices and equipment

Sales Model

Enterprise end user customers (B2B) - ongoing relationships
Direct and indirect multi-tier sales channels (2-tier, 3-tier)

Transform B2B Sales
From Art To Data-Driven Science

Revenue Growth

2.3 times industry average


3% to 5% additional return on sales

Shareholder Value

8% higher total return to shareholders

Source: McKinsey & Company – “What the future science of B2B sales growth looks like” - January 2018

Improve Customer Yield To
Generate More Operating Income

3%-5% Higher Customer Yield Delivers $3M-$10M Higher Operating Income

Improve Yields

* Results of our research on impact of change in Customer Yield on Operating Income.
Based on publicly available information on cohort of high tech companies with average annual revenue of $500M

Discover how much an increase in your Customer Yield can improve your Operating Income

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Customer Scenario

Expand After Landing Cross-Sell Add-Ons Renew Support/Subscriptions


High tech vendor provides networking and security solutions for remote offices
End user customer is a large insurance company
Insurance company has 5,000 branch locations - scaling factor for vendor's product
Pilot successfully deployed in 100 locations
Landed 1st Purchase Order for initial rollout of 1,000 locations
Successful “hunter” salesperson promoted to replicate success
New “farmer” salesperson assigned to account
Account plans stored in spreadsheets, slides and salesperson's memory
Account transfer executed over lunch

Typical Outcome

New salesperson has slow ramp to full productivity
Missed revenue opportunities during account transfer
Customer frustrated by loss of continuity and having to “train the new person”


Powered by Product Recommendations, Sales Playbooks and Customer Visibility

New salesperson has fast ramp to full productivity
All sales opportunities are captured through a data-driven account transfer
Customer experiences seamless transition generating high satisfaction

Customer Predictive Analytics

Roadmap of projected expansion plan to capture full customer potential
Recommendations for add-on products based on actual product usage patterns
Suggestions for performance upgrades based on actual product utilization trends
Introduction to other product categories based on pattern of similar companies

Customer Predictive Analytics

Triggers to engage with customer on roadmap and budget planning at their schedule
Execution of ongoing customer business reviews in support of "trusted advisor" role
Coordination of deal registrations and opportunities with relevant partner(s)
Tracking of relevant contacts at customer and partner(s) for each installed product

Timely and Actionable Information

Number of units shipped/installed on open order - alert when new order is required
Amount of product capacity consumed - alert when capacity trending toward overage
Schedule of subscription/support service renewal dates - alert for approaching dates
Complete visibility across opportunities, point-of-sale, orders and installed base

Use Power of Customer Data

To Improve Sales and Partner Performance

Sales/Partner Resources

Product Recommendations
Sales Playbooks
Customer Visibility


Customer Revenue Predictability
Sales/Partner Resource Allocation
Sales/Partner Execution Monitoring

Transform the way you use your installed base data


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Quantify maximum installed base potential
Define data roadmap to installed base intelligence
Prioritize playbooks for sales and partners

Use Data
To Drive Maximum Sales
From Existing Customers