Customer Lifecycle Review

A Data-Driven Diagnostic Service
To Assess The Potential Of Your Existing Customers

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Customer Lifecycle

Customer Yield

Account Revenue

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Unlock The Power Of Your Data

Examine Customer
Lifecycle Data

Evaluate Data Visibility

Examine visibility into your customer, partner and product data to:

  • Identify information that can improve conversion rates
  • Determine information that can increase sales and partner productivity
  • Uncover missing information that can create new revenue opportunities
Evaluate Customer
Yield Drivers

Examine Productivity Drivers

Evaluate drivers with greatest impact on revenue and productivity to:

  • Prioritize sales and partner performance improvement initiatives
  • Estimate changes in customer yields from initiatives
  • Predict impact on Revenue and Operating Income
Predict Account
Revenue Potential

Quantify Lifetime Revenue

Predict potential account revenue and conversion probabilities to:

  • Prioritize account potential to actively pursue
  • Align sales and partner resources to account potential
  • Track execution against projected metrics


Quantify Customer Yield ROI

  • 12 Customer-Product Lifecycle Interactions
  • 6 Data Areas – 40 Data Elements
  • 10 Customer Yields Drivers
  • Account Revenue Potential Predictive Model
  • 1% Customer Yield >> Operating Income
  • 5+% Customer Yield Improvement Plan
A Performance-based Consulting Service

Service Fee Based on Identified Improvements

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The Full Potential Of Your Existing Customers

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Examine Customer Lifecycle Data
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