A Better Way to Manage
Your Customer and Partner Data

Maximize Account Monetization
Optimize Sales and Partner Productivity

3 Data-Driven Capabilities
To Grow Revenue From Existing Customers

Customer Predictive Analytics
Timely and Actionable Visibility
Workflow-Enabled Playbook

Data to Trigger

Future Opportunities at Existing Customers

Customer Predictive

Predict Interactions with potential to generate future revenue

Collaboration with customers on their Plans, Roadmaps and Budgets

Estimate future Account Potential by quantifying expected revenue

Interactions To Trigger Opportunities

Performance Upgrade

Upgrade installed product for higher performance/capabilities

Next Generation

Introduce next-generation of installed products

End-of-Sale Last Buy

Offer last purchase opportunity before End-of-Sale

End-of-Life Refresh

Refresh installed products prior to End-of-Life

Up-Sell Category

Up-sell product category different from installed products

Cross-Sell Acquisition/Alliance

Cross-sell product category originating from acquisitions or alliances

Warranty Conversion

Convert warranty to extended support/maintenance contracts

Service Renewal

Renew support and subscription services contracts


Expand product adoption as part of land-and-expand strategy


Add incremental products attached to installed products


Add increased capacity or refill consumables based on actual usage


Add complementary products related to installed products

Data to Take Action

Right Time Right People

Timely and Actionable

Gain Complete Customer Visibility for one version of the truth

Set Triggers for revenue-impacting events

Push Notifications to sales, channels and customers

Visibility to Take Action

New Business

Customer roadmaps, budgets, deal registrations, opportunities, quotes, discounts

Account Intelligence

Expansion status, share of wallet, competitive landscape, account resources, business issues

Installed Base

Installed products, subscriptions, support contracts, product status and usage, whitespace potential

Agreements and Catalogs

Product catalogs, volume discounts, rebates, business terms, non-standard exceptions

Direct Orders

Order status, deliveries, receipts, returns, progress milestones, invoices, credits, payments

Channel Activities

Point-of-sale (POS), channel inventory, market development funds, channel incentives, channel deals

Data To Make It Easier

To Work With Customers And Partners


Map account plans and Plan resources based on account potential

Drive execution and Track progress with closed-loop monitoring

Improve yields by measuring and assessing revenue and cost drivers

Playbook to Ease Collaboration


Map customer lifecycle to quantify maximum account monetization


Plan sales and partner resources to align to customer potential


Drive sales and partner execution to capture customer value


Track status across point-of-sale, direct orders and installed base records


Improve yields by optimizing revenue and cost drivers

Higher Yields Higher Operating Income

Manage Existing Customers as High-Yield Assets

Improve Yields

* Results of our research on the impact of a change in Customer Yields on Operating Income.
Research is based on publicly available information on cohort of High Tech companies with average annual revenue of $500M.

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